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Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend | Recap

It's hard to believe that another Princess Weekend has come and gone! This weekend has quickly become one I look forward too all year long. I will admit that this year I did not train as much as I should have, but more on that later. For now, let's do a quick recap on the weekend!

I took one of the first flights out of DC on Friday morning to ensure that I would have plenty of time to get settled and go to the expo without feeling rushed. After a quick layover in NYC, I was on the ground in Orlando before noon. Since I was running the 10k on Saturday as well as the Half Marathon on Sunday, I knew I needed to get to the expo to get my bibs for the races. I also wanted to take this time to get all of my race shopping done, so I wouldn't have to worry about it on Saturday.

Once I got to the hotel (more on that later), I met up with my mom and my sister and we hoped on a bus to ESPN's Wide World of Sports. There are 3 massive buildings dedicated to the race weekend. One building is for the bibs, one is for sponsors and vendors, and one is for runDisney merchandise. We always make sure to get our bibs first, and then go to the vendors and finally end at the runDisney merchandise. It can be overwhelming at first, but I love going around and seeing what everyone has. The vendors are great, and they will take the time to talk with you and help you with any questions you may have. 

We decided to lay low our first few days in Orlando. I'm a huge proponent of resting up before a race, so that's exactly what we do! Also, you have to wake up around 2/2:30am for these races so you want to relax as much as possible.


My first race day of the weekend!! This was my first time running a Disney 10k and I LOVED it!! 6 miles is the perfect amount of mileage (in my opinion), and 6 miles through Disney is just plain fun. You start in the Epcot parking lot, run through highways for the first 3 miles, and you're in the parks and the boardwalk for the last 3 miles, ending back in the Epcot parking lot. I truly felt great after this race. It was really humid, so I wasn't able to wear my mermaid leggings that I was planning on wearing, but I still got to wear my leg day tank from Raw Threads. 

After the race, we relaxed at the hotel for most of the day. We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and it was amazing! We hung out by the pool which also had a pool bar. I obviously opted for some frozé. We were really lucky with the weather in Florida, it can be a hit or miss when it comes to February in Florida, but it was warm and sunny the whole time we were down there!


Ahh, the day you spend months preparing for. Sunday, aka Half Marathon day!! I'm not going to lie, I did not feel the greatest going into this half marathon. I was fine with the 10k, but I was sore and groggy the morning of the half marathon. I actually struggled pretty bad in the first half of the race. So much so that I was actually having a hard time breathing going down Main Street USA, which I am not happy about (there were tears, and not happy tears like last year). Thankfully I was able to pull myself together before we ran back through the castle which is when I got this photo. I have wanted a castle picture and honestly thought that the photographers missed me as I was coming out of the castle. I was so bummed until later in the day when I was looking through the race photos and saw this. I am so happy that they were able to capture me coming through the castle. 

I signed up to do the Fairy Tale Challenge which is why I ran the 10k and half marathon. It was such a good feeling to get my half marathon medal placed around my neck and then the Fairy Tale Challenge medal placed around my neck as well. I am really proud of myself for completing this beast of a race weekend. I have never accomplished something like this, and I am so glad that I did it.

After the race we went back to the hotel, ate, showered and got ready for the rest of the day. We had family from SC come down to spend the day with us, so we all ran around Magic Kingdom, rode roller coasters, and I watched the parade. Because of health issues, I cannot ride all of the roller coasters, so while they were riding some of the more intense rides, I opted for a sweet treat on Main Street USA.


We decided to do Animal Kingdom & Epcot on Monday. I love both parks, but I think they're the perfect two parks to split between one day. Thankfully the humidity had somewhat subsided, and it was almost a little chilly when we left for the parks in the morning. I opted for a basic white tee and denim shorts with my new race jacket from the half marathon.

Well there you have it. Our weekend at Disney in a nutshell. I will go over the whole half marathon process as well as a breakdown of our hotel and transportation in other blog posts.

Evening Skincare Routine

I don't know about you, but I love learning about other people's skincare routine. Maybe it's because I can be a nosey person (oops) but I love learning about other people's skincare routines.

My skin has been an issue for me for a while. Since middle school, acne has been a struggle for me. I had oily skin and I would break out easily. Throughout college, my skin has fluctuated from ok to bad, but almost always struggling with acne.

Last February, a few months before my 25th birthday, my acne got really bad. It was to the point where it was painful. I finally went to the dermatologist where I was given an oral prescription as well as prescription retin-a. Since then, combined with my prescriptions from my dermatologist, I have come up with a skin care routine that is working for me.

You will probably notice many moisturizing products. Since starting sprintec (prescription from my doctor) and using retin-a, my skin has really dried out. I have found that the Drunk Elephant luxury facial oil hydrates my skin without causing a breakout. It is 1000% worth the money in my opinion. As for the hydrating mask and regular moisturizer, I usually use one or the other. 

My skin still isn't perfect, but this is definitely helping.

**this is my routine on a good night, there are some days that I am just too tired to go through all the steps**

I know that my skincare routine will not work for everyone. This is what works for me.
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Be Mine...

I've always loved Valentines Day, even before Vince and I met. I always looked at it as a day to celebrate the ones you love. This year, Valentines Day falls on a week day (boo) so we'll probably just celebrate with some champagne at home and go to dinner another weekend.

I've rounded up a few of my favorite Valentines Day items below.
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Carry On Essentials

Next month I will be going on a girls trip with my mom and sister, to Florida!! I have rounded up some of my carry on essentials for beach vacation flights below (I will do a post on carry on essentials for long-haul international flights as well).

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Barefoot Dreams Fuzzy Socks | Whenever I am traveling to someplace warm, I always wear sandals on the plane. We could have snow on the ground in DC and I will be wearing sandals on the plane because I am heading to warmth and sunshine. However, my feet tend to get cold on flights. Fuzzy socks to the rescue! And how can you go wrong with Barefoot Dreams?!

Jet Lag Mask | If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am obsessed with this mask! I actually use it as an overnight mask, and I wake up with super hydrated skin. My skin always dries out on planes, so this is a necessity.

Quay Sunglasses | When you're flying to a beach destination, chances are that it is going to be sunny when you land (one would hope) so I always have a pair of sunnies with me in my carryon.

Dr. Jart Hydrating Mask | Like I said, my skin gets very dry on planes. Doing a sheet mask during your flight will help combat dry skin and get your face all hydrated and dewy for landing. Dr. Jart has great sheet masks for all of your skin needs!

Makeup Bag | I tend to book early morning flights for myself so when I arrive, I still have plenty of time to lounge by the pool and drink mimosas ;) This makeup bag is perfect to use on the plane so you don't have to worry about doing your makeup before you leave your house. 

Supergoop SunscreenSupergoop Sunscreen | I am all about protecting my skin in the sun, especially my face! (#teamnowrinkles) I am obsessed with the Supergoop brand and their sun protection. Make sure you have some sort of sunscreen with you so you are ready to protect your face at the beach.

Nurse Jamie Uplift Roller | To say I'm obsessed with the face roller is an understatement. I use this almost daily, and love it! I used it on our flight to Paris and my face was definitely not as puffy when we landed.

slip Scrunchies | Since I've been trying to grow my hair out, I have been living in scrunchies. They don't pull at your hair, they don't break your hair, and you don't get any weird kinks in your hair after wearing them for a long time. I always love to have some scrunchies on hand to be able to throw my hair up, but still have it looking good for landing.

Cute Passport Case | Who doesn't love a cute passport case? having a bright case like this will make it easy to spot in your bag while traveling.

Oversized Tote Bag | I love having an oversized tote as my carry on for flights. I almost always check my suitcase, so I like to have a big tote to be able to hold everything. I love this Tory Burch bag, and it's under $300!

Apple AirPods | Ok, I just recently got on the AirPods train, and I am obsessed! I commute every day through DC and my regular headphones were just getting in the way (anyone else get annoyed by the cords?!) I decided to get these and they are a game changer. You can charge your phone while listening to music and I am so excited to use them on all of my travels this year!

slip Eye Mask | Like I said, I like to book early morning flights for myself, so having a silk eye mask on hand is perfect for getting a little sleep while en route to my destination. They block out the light and don't ruin your eyelashes! 

Gucci Card Holder | I always hate pulling out my massive wallet when I need to buy a coffee in the airport, so this is the perfect alternative! There are so many cute card holders out there that make it easy to access your cards while traveling.

Be sure to check back later this week for my guide to the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend!

Affordable Swimwear | Sets Under $20

Hello, babes! Happy 2019! I don't know about you, but I am super excited for 2019. I'm finally living in DC full-time, but still just a drive away from my family (which I love), I've made some amazing friends up here, I have a great job, Vince and I finally get to see each other every day, and I have some really exciting trips planned for 2019!

While I'm excited for 2019, I'm not going to lie, it's been a slow start. I love the fresh start to a new year, but getting back into a routine can be challenging (especially after having almost 2 weeks off of work). One way I'm powering through January is knowing that I'm going on VACATION in February!! If you have been around for a little bit, you know that we went to Disney last year for the Disney Princess Half Marathon (you can find my posts here & here). This year my mom and sister are running the 5K on Friday, the 10K on Saturday, and the Half Marathon on Sunday. I will be joining them for the 10K and Half Marathon (aka the Glass Slipper Challenge).

It's been chilly in DC so I am definitely looking forward to the hopefully warm Florida weather. We will be in Florida for a few extra days, so I am hoping to take advantage of our hotel's pools and catch some Vitamin D.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

I am obsessed with these affordable suits! And the best part is that they are under $20 each! I will definitely be ordering a few of these for our trip next month. 

Gift Guide | Fitness Guru

Happy Saturday, all!! Today is the second installment of my 2018 gift guides! Today's gift guide is for the fitness girl in your life!

(you can click on the links below to shop or click on the photo to shop all of the items pictured)

PRO71 Yoga Mat: Really any fitness girl in your life would love a new yoga mat, even if you don't practice yoga you know that stretching is extremely important. This yoga mat is SO cute!!

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew: I have this top in black and I am obsessed. It is so great for running when it is colder outside. They also have this top available in a short sleeve and tank. They are my favorite workout tops. (I wore the tank when I ran the Malibu Half Marathon & plan on wearing it again for the Disney Princess Half Marathon)

InvisiBobble Hair Ties: These are my go-to hair elastics when it comes to working out! These would also make a great stocking stuffer.

Baller Hat: Cute hats like this one from Lululemon are a great gift option for the fitness guru girl in your life!

Garmin Forerunner 35: I just got this Garmin and I am OBSESSED!! I wear it for all of my runs as well as when I take a spin class on our Peloton. It tracks so much and even tracks your sleep. It can be connected to your phone so it alerts you when you get a text or a call, etc. This is really a great option for any active person in your life!

Powerbeats3: My headphones that I wear when running. They're the best!

Outdoor Voices Women's Tech Set: Who doesn't love a good workout set? This OV set is a great gift idea and is less than $100!

Stay Hot Keep Cold Bottle: This bottle from Lululemon is a great gift since it keeps your cold drinks cold, and your hot drinks hot.

Zella Live In Leggings: These are a no-brainer. I literally live in these leggings all fall and winter. Any girl on your holiday list would love a pair of these.

Gift Guide | Glam Girl

MY FIRST GIFT GUIDE OF THE 2018 HOLIDAY SEASON!! Can you tell I'm a little excited?! Today's gift guide is all about gifts for the glam girl in your life!

(you can click on the links below to shop or click on the photo to shop all of the items pictured)

Dyson & Ouai Kit: This is such a great deal! I love the Ouai products and I have been wanting to get my hands on a Dyson hair dryer.

Peter Thomas Roth Mask Kit: Who doesn't love a good mask?! Any glam girl in your life would be thrilled to get a face mask kit on Christmas morning.

GLAMboxes GLAMholder: GLAMboxes are AMAZING!! I was first introduced to them through Katey's blog. They are perfect for the glam girl who's tight on space.

Sigma Face Brush Set: Sigma brushes are my absolute favorite. They apply your makeup so well and are very affordable.

La Mer Mini Miracle Set: The holy grail of skincare, La Mer. This is a great set to get for the girl who is serious about her skincare.

GLAMboxes GLAMboard: And the GLAMboxes obsession continues!! I actually own this GLAMboard and I am obsessed. We live in an 800 sq ft apartment with a small bathroom, so this GLAMboard has been a life saver when it comes to getting ready.

Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Sticks: These are my favorite for when I am in a rush or when I am traveling. I recently went to LA for a weekend and used Laura Mercier eyeshadow sticks the whole time I was out there. 

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set: A Nars lip set is always a good idea for the glam girl in your life.

Huda Beauty New Nudes Eyeshadows: I love the Huda Beauty eyeshadow palates and this one is GORGEOUS!!