A Letter to DC

Dear Washington D.C.,

As a little girl I remember flying down from NH to come visit you every spring. Your beautiful cherry blossom trees and impressive buildings made me fall in love with you very quickly. I vividly remember being in middle school, walking down Constitution Ave with my family and thinking "someday, I want to live in D.C.."

Fast forward to 2016, I met the love of my life in NH, right before my family was moving to Charlottesville, VA (just 2 hours south of D.C.) and he was moving to D.C. for the summer. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of many DC memories to come over the next 3 years.

From spending weekends in the city and weekdays in Charlottesville, to moving in with Vince full time and finally being a D.C. girl, we have so many memories in this great city.

DC is where I started my career in commercial real estate, and fell in love with the industry.

From beer and oyster festivals to sunset drinks on the rooftop of the W, you never failed to supply us with good food and drinks. Getting to spend the 4th of July in the Nations Capital was something that I will never forget and truly treasure forever. Watching multiple presidents fly over in their helicopters and being stuck in traffic due to motorcades can be a nuisance but is equally cool as something you truly only experience in D.C. on a weekly basis. (ok the traffic isn't cool but you get the point)

But besides the monuments and the food, this is where we started our lives together. Vince and I moved into our first place together here in D.C.. The Nationals Ball Park is where we told each other we loved each other for the first time. D.C. is where I've run many races with him waiting for me at the finish line. We've walked the monuments together, we've made friends here that will be our friends for life. Our apartment here is where Vince truly taught me how to cook (even though we both know that is still a major work in progress haha). We've truly grown as a couple here and you will forever be our first home.

So D.C., thank you.

Thank you for being the backdrop to the beginning of our forever.
Thank you for bringing friends into our lives that we will cherish forever.
Thank you for being so rich with history and truly reminding us of how lucky we are to live in this country.
Thank you for allowing us to host so many friends and family so they can come visit.
Thank you for having somewhat clean metro stations (I use the word "clean" loosely).
Thank you for giving both of us the opportunity to start our careers here.
Thank you for having some amazing rooftops where we can take in your beauty.
Thank you for being you.

D.C., we will not miss your wacko weather and the insane humidity, but you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

All my love,


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