Carry On Essentials

Next month I will be going on a girls trip with my mom and sister, to Florida!! I have rounded up some of my carry on essentials for beach vacation flights below (I will do a post on carry on essentials for long-haul international flights as well).

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Barefoot Dreams Fuzzy Socks | Whenever I am traveling to someplace warm, I always wear sandals on the plane. We could have snow on the ground in DC and I will be wearing sandals on the plane because I am heading to warmth and sunshine. However, my feet tend to get cold on flights. Fuzzy socks to the rescue! And how can you go wrong with Barefoot Dreams?!

Jet Lag Mask | If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am obsessed with this mask! I actually use it as an overnight mask, and I wake up with super hydrated skin. My skin always dries out on planes, so this is a necessity.

Quay Sunglasses | When you're flying to a beach destination, chances are that it is going to be sunny when you land (one would hope) so I always have a pair of sunnies with me in my carryon.

Dr. Jart Hydrating Mask | Like I said, my skin gets very dry on planes. Doing a sheet mask during your flight will help combat dry skin and get your face all hydrated and dewy for landing. Dr. Jart has great sheet masks for all of your skin needs!

Makeup Bag | I tend to book early morning flights for myself so when I arrive, I still have plenty of time to lounge by the pool and drink mimosas ;) This makeup bag is perfect to use on the plane so you don't have to worry about doing your makeup before you leave your house. 

Supergoop SunscreenSupergoop Sunscreen | I am all about protecting my skin in the sun, especially my face! (#teamnowrinkles) I am obsessed with the Supergoop brand and their sun protection. Make sure you have some sort of sunscreen with you so you are ready to protect your face at the beach.

Nurse Jamie Uplift Roller | To say I'm obsessed with the face roller is an understatement. I use this almost daily, and love it! I used it on our flight to Paris and my face was definitely not as puffy when we landed.

slip Scrunchies | Since I've been trying to grow my hair out, I have been living in scrunchies. They don't pull at your hair, they don't break your hair, and you don't get any weird kinks in your hair after wearing them for a long time. I always love to have some scrunchies on hand to be able to throw my hair up, but still have it looking good for landing.

Cute Passport Case | Who doesn't love a cute passport case? having a bright case like this will make it easy to spot in your bag while traveling.

Oversized Tote Bag | I love having an oversized tote as my carry on for flights. I almost always check my suitcase, so I like to have a big tote to be able to hold everything. I love this Tory Burch bag, and it's under $300!

Apple AirPods | Ok, I just recently got on the AirPods train, and I am obsessed! I commute every day through DC and my regular headphones were just getting in the way (anyone else get annoyed by the cords?!) I decided to get these and they are a game changer. You can charge your phone while listening to music and I am so excited to use them on all of my travels this year!

slip Eye Mask | Like I said, I like to book early morning flights for myself, so having a silk eye mask on hand is perfect for getting a little sleep while en route to my destination. They block out the light and don't ruin your eyelashes! 

Gucci Card Holder | I always hate pulling out my massive wallet when I need to buy a coffee in the airport, so this is the perfect alternative! There are so many cute card holders out there that make it easy to access your cards while traveling.

Be sure to check back later this week for my guide to the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend!

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