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Hey all! I'm back ;) I'm starting a Disney series on the blog because...I'M GOING TO DISNEY!!! Yes, I am just as excited (if not more) as when I went as a kid. We grew up going every year, and then we hit high school and stopped going. I am beyond excited for our weekend in Orlando.

The main reason we are going is because my mom, my sister and I are running the Disney Princess Half Marathon! There are a few reasons why we are running it this year, one is to celebrate my mom's birthday and I also have a personal reason that I will do a whole blog post about later as we get closer to the race.

Today I am kicking off my Disney series with outfit inspiration for our travel day!

clearly I like black, grey & blush pink haha

1. Zella Elevate Me Wrap Sweatshirt | This top is SO cute! I love wearing cardigans when I fly. Planes are cold and I always like having the fan going during the flight. This is the perfect option.
2. Madewell 'Whisper' Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee | With wearing a cardigan, I always opt for a comfy, v-neck tee as well. It will most likely be very warm by the time we land in Orlando, so I a light tee is the perfect option under a warm cardigan.
3. Nike Dry Versa Training Top | Another option is this Nike top. Oversized tops are my favorite for flying (can you tell I like to be comfy when I fly?!)

So, we actually might be wearing custom designed sweatshirts for the flights to Orlando, but you'll have to wait to see those ;)

4. Zella Live In Leggings | O.M.G. I cannot say enough good things about these leggings! I actually live in them haha I wear them so much! It's kind of a no-brainer that I will be wearing these leggings.
5. Kate Spade Cameron Street Medium Harmony | This is my every day tote and I'm obsessed. It holds everything. It has a zipper top so it's perfect for travel. (since we're traveling for a race, one of us will have a carry on suitcase where we will have all of our race gear)
6. Away Medium Suitcase | This suitcase is perfect for travel! I need to upgrade my luggage set and the Away suitcases are at the top of my list.
7. Steve Madden Softey Slide | Ok, these are so extra...but I need them haha I have a similar pair in navy blue but I need the black ones haha
8. Givenchy Logo Slide | A splurge option...again, so extra but I'm obsessed.
9. Tory Burch Lina Slide Sandal | Ummm how cute are these?! Tory Burch does it again! Slides are the perfect option for traveling, makes going through security so much easier.
10. BP Sleep Mask | How perfect is this for a Disney trip?! Our flight is super early so this eye mask would be perfect!
11. Quay It's My Way 55mm Sunglasses | Obsessed. These will be necessary to hide my tired eyes when I land and arrive at Disney. ;)

So there you have it! Keep checking back every Wednesday for more Disney updates!!

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